Utopia or Nothing at All



There is no normal anymore.

We inevitably long for feelings of parental comfort, childhood home, and the safety of familiarity.

These will not save us.

A fire has been kindled, and the most we can do is guide where and how it will burn.

It’s easy to think that we can get back to normal. If only authoritarian overlords can be caught in hypocrisy, surely that, that will end it all. If only the rightful arbiters of justice, judges sitting above the proceedings, if only they will intervene, then. Then.

The sting of hypocrisy no longer works, and the judges are trapped in the same burning building.

We only have a hard choice: what world will we build out of the ashes?

When the storm has passed, once we have chased it out, how will we arrange things?

We choose: organization, solidarity, equality.

We reject: solipsism, competition, hierarchy.

In the new world, after the next horizon, hierarchies will be undone.

In the new era there will be no nationalism, no racism, no sexism. There will be no owning class that steals from the laborers’ wages.

We’ve seen the promised land. We won’t get there, but we will keep walking with you in its direction. Anything less would be a betrayal of our ancestors and our grandchildren.

The only options we have are utopia or nothing at all.